Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learn How To Download Free Media

We all watch movies and TV Shows, and we all listen to music but not all of us pay to do these things. 2% of the internet users download for free the movies, TV shows and music you buy.
Now I'm willing to teach you how to download every movie, tv show, music, music videos and software you can think of. And they are all free.
Of course my teaching come in a price. And that's a quite big one. I really don't think you can afford it. Its $11.

But let me tell you what you will be saving if you decide to purchase my guide:

1. $12 per DVD you buy.
2. $1.99 per TV Show episode you buy.
3. $1.99 per music video you buy.
4. $0.99 per song you buy.
5. $120 per popular software you buy.
6. $2 per single movie you rent.

These are prices used by itunes and amazon. Wouldn't it be great to ZERO all these prices? And all it would cost you is $11,one time in the cinema.

Now let me tell you what you will get:

1. The biggest collection of movies, TV Shows etc, in the internet.
2. Download without any restriction, day and night, 24/7.
3. No limits on the amount of movies you download. If you have a hast internet connection you can get more than 100 movies in a couple of days.

You will start do build you huge media collection. You can put all these stuff you download in you hard drives or you can burn them on DVDs and CDs with software's that you will get for free.

Now if you want to buy this guide or have any question at all, contact me at . The payment will be made through paypal of moneybookers. If you don't know these are respected and widely used e-wallets. Paypal is an ebay owned company and is the tool that people make transactions on ebay. While moneybookers is a British company.

This is how its going to work:
1. You contact me and say that you want to buy the guide.
2. I send you an email with the information you need to pay the money.
3. You pay the money.
4. I check if the payment was made and deliver the guide to you by email. The guide is a pdf document(or Microsoft Office Word document if you like.
5. You read the guide.
6. Think of a movie you like to have.
7. Start downloading that movie.
8. Then you watch it on you pc or burn it on a dvd.
9. If you have any question at all, you can contact me at anytime and I'll be happy to help you.